What color is resource allocation software?

By - 11 Jan 2012

Color palette for Resource Guru

A lot has been written about color theory and it’s a pretty complex subject which uses lots of difficult words like, gamuts, trichromacy, additive, subtractive, complimentary, primary, secondary, tertiary, saturation, hue, shade, warm, cool… the list goes on. A fair amount has been written about meaning in colour too e.g. red stands for action, confidence, courage, vitality, aggression – brown for earth, order, convention – blue for youth, spirituality, truth, peace and so on.

With all this mind boggling information to hand, how did we go about choosing a suitable colour palette for our much toiled over and cherished new entrant to the resource scheduling software arena? Without wanting to totally disregard the ‘meaning in color’ research carried out by the many erudite color theorists from far and wide, we did agree “Let’s just take it all with a pinch of salt – eh?”

First came the teaser site. I designed a logo and I got a very talented friend of mine, Janek Janikowski, to design our guru, Saas-Devi. At this stage I wanted the palette to be grey and pink as grey is a neutral and pink is my favourite color. This was the result and it received many an accolade from our fans!

teaser site for Resource Guru

Teaser site for Resource Guru

However, as I started to design the application screens, the color grey began to feel a bit oppressive and I thought, if people are going to be logging into a resource scheduling app every day to make bookings or see what they’re working on, they need to see something which makes them smile and lifts them up.

I then looked to Saas-Devi for inspiration and thought of natural colors (earth, wood, plants, water) – greens, blues, browns and came up with this:

Natural colors

earthy palette for resource guru

We rejected it because Andrew, my co-founder, didn’t like it! Remember the brief… come up with a colour palette we BOTH like.

Clutching at straws I played around with Adobe’s Kuler as well as colourlovers – but I couldn’t settle on a palette that I felt was right. Finally I used my intuition and my eyes and came up with the following palettes:


Peacock colour palette for Resource Guru

Wake up and smell the coffee

Wake up and smell the coffee color palette for Resource Guru


Candyfloss color palette for Resource Guru

Caribbean sea

Caribbean sea palette for Resource Guru

And the winner was…WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! We thought this was the colour of a friendly resource scheduling app which greeted you every morning with a smile and a kick up the ass :)

And this is a sneak preview to what our signup page will look like using this colour scheme:

Resource Guru Signup

Resource Guru signup page

testimonial saatchi

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