“Time Off” management is nearly here

By - 15 Sep 2015

"Time Off" modal floating above photo of hands kneading dough


We’ve had our heads down on one of the most eagerly anticipated scheduling features from Resource Guru in a while—“Time Off” management. And it gets better. We’re also bringing you more flexible availability settings and “Overtime” in our upcoming release.

Thank you for bearing with us—the wait is nearly over. As the Guru always tells us, “With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk.”

Here’s what you can look forward to in our imminent release.

Adding time off and other types of downtime

Modal of New Time Off feature for applying to multiple resources at once

Got a public holiday coming up and need to add time off for your entire company or team? No problem. With just a few clicks, you will have the flexibility of adding it for multiple resources in one go. Other types of absence will be supported too, including vacation, sick time, and maternity/paternity leave.


Editing availability for a specific time period

Modal for editing availability for a specified time or date

Many of you have been asking for the ability to edit a resource’s availability for a specific day or time period, e.g., if someone on your team is planning to work over the weekend. This will soon be a reality. By clicking on the availability bar, you will now have access to a new set of advanced controls for resource scheduling.


Modal featuring warning and options to handle overtime

If you have people working outside of their normal hours you will soon be able to track it with dedicated overtime functionality.

Reporting on downtime

Of course, all this new data will be available for analysis in your reports. So, you can see at a glance how much holiday people have taken and the hours of overtime for any given time period.

What’s next for time off?

From now on, we plan to adopt a more iterative approach at Resource Guru. Which means you’ll see smaller improvements, more frequently.

The release of our time off feature is no exception to this—in the months that follow, we will be adding incremental improvements including “Vacation allowances,” as well as many enhancements to the current interface.

We can’t wait for you to see what’s in store.

Hi, I'm Percy, one of the founders of Resource Guru. Please feel free to leave comments or get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

  • Marc

    When is this release planned?

    • Hi Marc, we’re planning to release it next month (Oct). Please sign up for our newsletter above to be the first to hear (if you haven’t already).

      • Ozzi Jarvinen

        This is good news… The lack of this feature made us stop using RecoureGuru before and now strongly consider coming back =)

        • That’s great news Ozzi :) And sorry for the wait!

          • rylincoln

            What’s the status now?

          • We’ve had a couple of unexpected delays and we’re now expecting it to be released this month. Really sorry for the wait!

          • rylincoln

            Any new input on this feature? It’s really the only thing keeping us from testing out the platform with about 40 users.


          • We’re still aiming for this month Ry but we’ll post an update here if it’s going to be later.

          • Hi Ry – I promised I’d update you if we missed November. I’m afraid to say we have. There are a few issues we need to work through before we’re ready to release it into the wild. Thanks for bearing with us and it shouldn’t be too much longer now :)

          • rylincoln

            Ok. Hope to see it really soon!

          • rylincoln

            … :)

          • Hang in there Ry—don’t go dying on us!

          • rylincoln

            I’m hanging. We’d like to start trialing this at the beginning of the new year.

          • That’s great news! Our aim is to get it out in time for that. We’re currently working night and day to complete it. Stand by :)

  • Kenneth

    This release was planned for october, when can we start using these features?

    • Hi Kenneth, this has been a little delayed by some essential work that took a little longer than expected. I’m really sorry for the hold up but we do expect to get it out later this month.

  • Jens Kolb

    Could you please share a new release date! This feature is crucial for us (as well as calendar integration) and was the reason to buy a license. We are pretty disappointed and frustrated right now.

    • Hi Jens, we’re really sorry for the delay. Our intention is still to get it out this side of Christmas and we’re working night and day to make it happen.

      • Richard Morgan

        Christmas is coming! Is this another deadline you’re going to miss? Or do you finally have good news for your patient customers?

        • Hi Richard, I’m very sorry but we have missed this deadline. We released some Christmas goodies yesterday but I realise they didn’t include the “Time Off” element you were probably hoping for. We really don’t like to put things that aren’t ready in our customer’s hands and unfortunately we ran into an unexpected issue which has set us back a bit. I hope we can bring you better news in the New Year.