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Reports are here!

By - 20 Aug 2012

We’re levitating with joy to announce the launch of Resource Guru’s powerful new reports. Now you can easily monitor your resource utilization and gain valuable new insights into your business. You can instantly see the lay of the land over the coming weeks and months and be better prepared. Need to know how much capacity youRead more …

Are you treating your staff like robots?

By - 23 Feb 2012

Do people in your office work from 9am to around 5.30pm with a short break for lunch? They probably work much later than that, but let’s just take that as an example. So, when you’re doing your resource planning, you can book them for around 7.5 hours per day, right? Wrong! Let’s work this out.Read more …

Solving the resource scheduling problem

By - 29 Dec 2011

What is Resource Guru and why are we building it? If you work in a company that uses a spreadsheet for resource scheduling then you will understand the problem we are trying to solve. Before co-founding Resource Guru, I used to work as a digital project manager in various marketing and digital agencies. One ofRead more …