Rock a bye baby – Halloween update 🎃

By - 27 Oct 2017

Angry baby

Babies are not downtime!

The nights are closing in, witches and ghouls 😱 are abound but we’re not hunkering down. Here’s what we’ve done in the last two weeks:

  • We’ve been made aware that using the pram as an icon signifying Other Downtime might be giving people the wrong impression, so we’ve swapped it out for a simple “Out!” sign.
  • A few minor teething issues with our project code feature have been resolved.
  • Have you ever felt like pulling you hair out when your profile image refuses to remain the right way round? Now they remain put; premature baldness is not cool!
  • We’ve given you more control on what emails you receive from us.
  • We fixed a UI issue with a dropdown filter.
  • Some absolutely fantastic new clients have joined us recently, check out the marketing site to see the great company you’re in.

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