Polishing up Schedule Beta

By - 25 Oct 2019

Karate kid wax on, wax off

Apply elbow grease.

Since we published our announcement of the imminent release of Schedule Beta, we have had an overwhelming amount of feedback from our customers – thank you so much for your time, it’s been really helpful. We’ve been working hard to tweak and polish the new app to fit your expectations.  One new feature we’ve added is the ability to copy the project/client name in to your clipboard as illustrated in the following image:

Demonstration of new project/client name copy button

Other improvements you may have noticed are:

  • resolved minor teething issues with the elastic overtime feature
  • made the scrollbars bigger and easier to use
  • made the waiting list styling more prominent
  • tidied up the controls in the filters
  • tidied up the contents summary displayed in the bookings
  • added native data/time controls on mobile devices in the booking forms
  • improved the behaviour of closing drop-downs in the booking forms

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