Laying foundations + availability and date picker improvements etc

By - 24 Apr 2020

Date picker

In software, solid foundations and architectural stability are the building blocks of success. Getting the core parts of your app shipshape and easy to work with ensures success going forward. To that end, we may have been quiet of late in terms of our outward voice but, rest assured, we haven’t been slacking.

To put us in a strong position for fast progression, we have been busy laying foundations, refactoring and fixing over the last few weeks. Some of the changes, fixes, and stability improvements that you are now benefiting from are:

  • 🚀 We tracked down and fixed a pesky visual bug that allowed some bookings or time off events to temporarily take a leave of absence.
  • 📧 Daily emails have been shown some love with a small fix to ensure that formatting is consistent with the rest of the app.
  • 📆 The date picker in Reports was starting the week on a Sunday. It now knows that weeks start on a Monday. Thanks for the feedback on this!
  • 🗓 When you drag over multiple dates in the Schedule, it’s now much clearer whether you are creating a new booking or editing availability.
  • 🛠 We have introduced a number of fixes for visual glitches that were being experienced across various browsers. If you noticed some small pixel jumps when selecting dates, they should be gone.
  • 🏎 Performance is key for us here at Resource Guru so we have introduced some refinements to ensure that the Schedule loads and responds with the speed and efficiency that you’d expect.
  • 👏 We have introduced a simple but very useful usability improvement that resets any applied filters automatically when trying to resolve a booking on the Waiting List via the Dashboard. Again, thank you for the feedback on this one!
  • 📐 And a few more UI and alignment issues that collectively make Resource Guru a much better place to do all of your scheduling.

A lot of the recent changes have been the result of vital feedback from our customers. We love to receive this feedback, triage it against the bigger picture, and then act on it as quickly as possible so please keep it coming. We look forward to revealing and sharing bigger updates and new features in the near future.

Hi, I'm Paul, a Senior QA Analyst here at Resource Guru. I sweat the details and love all types of cake. Feel free to get in touch or post a comment as we'd love to hear from you.