Improved order for time-specific bookings

By - 23 Jan 2016

Bookings in chronological order

While we’re working on bigger features, we’re always looking for little ways to improve Resource Guru. Thanks to some customer feedback, we’ve just tweaked the order of time-specific bookings in the Schedule. All single day bookings are now listed in chronological order – the way they should be :)

The only exception to this is multi-day bookings where we have to play a bit of Tetris to make sure your calendar doesn’t end up with awkward gaps everywhere.

Bookings before and after

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  • Timothy Willis

    This is good, but we don’t use time-specific bookings very often, a drag-drop interface for each day would be best, so we can set the priority from top to bottom.

  • Hi Timothy, thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it first appears and it would be difficult to display the priority directly in the Schedule. This is because some bookings span multiple days and we need to order the bookings to make the most efficient use of space – to avoid large gaps. So, the ordering rules are actually a little complicated. I won’t bore you with the details but, if you think about the game Tetris, you may get some idea.

    Having said that, we can display bookings in order of priority on people’s Dashboards and we will give this more thought as we develop the app. Thanks again!