Happy New Year 2018 πŸŽ‰

By - 05 Jan 2018

Cute dog looking bewildered at falling confetti

Is it a new year already?

We had a flurry of activity before the year end and our much anticipated rest (partying?). We managed to make the following improvements:

  • Deleting a project, client or resource present in an active filter is now correctly removed from the filter.
  • Invited resources have to deliberately consent to our privacy policy by using a checkbox – in alignment with Germany’s data protection laws.
  • Booking details are available in the downloaded reports.Β Quoted strings are also formatted correctly.
  • We updated the wording, design and position of the referral link to make it clearer to understand and more prominent.
  • Resolved field alignment problems in the billing page for iPads.
  • Users with “Manage Own permissions for Bookings” can no longer change the booker on bookings.
  • Clicking on the left “Load More” button in the calendar would automatically scroll to theΒ far left of the timeline which might have been disorientating. Now it only scrolls back one week which is consistent with a normal page load.
  • Improved the performance of iCalendar syncing by adding a caching mechanism.
  • Updating a downtime with many resources occasionally failed because of database locks – this has now been resolved.

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