Faster CDN delivery and clearer validations

By - 05 Dec 2017

Our engineering corps have been hard at work improving some of our core functionality. We’ve packed in a few enhancements to the performance of the schedule and clarified our validation messages throughout the site and exterminated some of those pesky bugs.

⏱ Improved performance of the Project/Client selector in the schedule for large accounts.
🐞 We’ve fixed an issue where daily schedule emails wouldn’t be sent if a deleted resource had been booked on the day of deletion.
🐞 The timezone selector is displayed again when booking multiple resources time-off.
🐞 Fixed a caching issue so that project codes update on the reports immediately.
✅ Afternoon bookings that end at midnight have better time formatting in the daily schedule email.
✅ We’ve done a general overhaul of validation messages to catch some cases that weren’t being displayed correctly to users.
✅ Improved our CDN asset distribution to allow faster page loads for customers further away from our data centre.
📖 Clarified text explaining how our referral programme works.

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