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Daily schedule notifications straight to your inbox

By - 25 Oct 2016

People who use Resource Guru are generally divided into two groups; managers who add project bookings (taskmasters) and doers who carry out the work (busy bees). Well we have great news for all of you :) Busy bees When busy bees sit down at their desk each day, coffee in hand, they will be instantlyRead more …

A cleaner, simpler schedule? You choose

By - 27 May 2016

While many of you love the availability bars – helping you to scan the schedule and find those 2 elusive hours of designer time so you can hit that Friday deadline – there are also those who can live without them … at least, some of the time. Great news! We’ve added a toggle buttonRead more …

Improved order for time-specific bookings

By - 23 Jan 2016

While we’re working on bigger features, we’re always looking for little ways to improve Resource Guru. Thanks to some customer feedback, we’ve just tweaked the order of time-specific bookings in the Schedule. All single day bookings are now listed in chronological order – the way they should be :) The only exception to this isRead more …