Better API consistency and Improvements to the Schedule Beta

By - 29 Mar 2019

Since the last update, we’ve been focusing on improving the Schedule beta based on feedback we’ve received. We’re excited to see it becoming closer to being feature complete, as we’re working on bringing over the custom availability and overtime settings next.

  • 🐞 Fixed a bug which prevented profile images from being uploaded from the settings page.
  • ✅ Added the creator_id fields to projects and clients API responses from POST requests.
  • 👀 Notifications now show as modals in the Schedule beta mobile view.
  • 🏎 Sped up the global search in the filters for large accounts in the Schedule beta.
  • 🔎 Improved the search algorithm in the filters to return items in a more sensible order.
  • 📜 Prevent browsers from autocompleting the fields in the filter dialogs.
  • 🐞 Fixed a bug where the downtime type would be lost when dragging and dropping a time-off entry.
  • 🐞 Fixed the non-working day notification sticking in some scenarios when creating bookings that overlap with time off.
  • 🐞 Fixed an issue causing the project and client selector from losing its value when the page loses and regains focus.

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