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API Usage and Enhancements

By - 16 Apr 2014

In response to customer feedback, we have just released the following enhancements to our API: Get the resource details of the logged-in user in the context of an account: GET /v1/:subdomain/resources/me Get the logged-in user’s details: GET /v1/me and: GET /v1/:subdomain/users/me Get the bookings for a particular booker: GET /v1/:subdomain/bookings?booker_id=:booker_id You can find the fullRead more …

Heartbleed Bug

By - 10 Apr 2014

We would just like to reassure our customers that we were not affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug and there is no need to change your Resource Guru password. If you have any concerns about your Resource Guru account, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Resource Guru becomes Happy Cog’s team scheduling tool of choice

By - 18 Mar 2014

Katie High from Happy Cog explains why Resource Guru is their team scheduling tool of choice. Thanks Katy! :) In case you don’t know, Happy Cog was founded by Jeffrey Zeldman who could be described as the “king of web standards”. Jeffrey also publishes one of our favourite websites—A List Apart—and Happy Cog is one ofRead more …

We’re hiring!

By - 23 Feb 2014

One of the main reasons we raised money recently was to help us grow our team. We are currently looking for Ruby on Rails engineers and we attended the Tech Startup Jobs Fair in London earlier this week in search of them. Details of our current job openings can be found at and there’s evenRead more …

Powerful new filters have arrived!

By - 25 Nov 2013

Lots of you have been telling us that you regularly need to focus on specific projects. So, we’ve completely re-engineered the filters in the bookings section to allow you to do that. Now you can simply select a project and it will automatically filter the list to resources for that project. You can do the same thingRead more …

Sneak preview – filter by project is coming!

By - 14 Nov 2013

One of the most requested features lately has been the ability to view resources by project in the bookings section. So, we’re currently working on a major enhancement that will allow you to do this. Here’s a sneak preview. You can see that it also includes the ability to filter by client and named resources.Read more …

Random Act of Cake No.3

By - 10 Nov 2013

Resource Guru’s “Random Acts of Cake” are based on a phrase coined by American writer Anne Herbert – “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” Our third random act of cake was bestowed upon one of our favorite customers – Urban Science. This sumptuous Coffee Chocolate Dream Cake was made by Essential Chocolate Desserts inRead more …

Resource Management Solutions : 9 Women can’t make a baby in a month

By - 07 Oct 2013

I’ll admit that I stole this title from an excellent article on TechCrunch by Mark Suster. The article explains why over-capitalizing companies too early is a bad idea. But the title got me thinking that it’s actually a good metaphor for explaining why throwing additional resources at a project doesn’t always mean you get things  doneRead more …

Inspirational customers – Mobenzi

By - 05 Jul 2013

We’ve been getting some absolutely incredible customers lately. Some are incredible because they are just enormous – one recent customer has over 80,000 employees! Others are incredible because of the quality of  work they do. And then some are simply inspirational – like Mobenzi. We check out all our new customers to see what they do and whenRead more …

Random Act of Cake No.2

By - 30 Jun 2013

Resource Guru’s “Random Acts of Cake” are based on a phrase coined by American writer Anne Herbert – “Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.” Random Act of Cake No.2 marks the huge effort that went into our latest release where we completely re-built our calendar from the ground up using Backbone.js. This wasRead more …