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New feature – Single Sign-On (SSO)

By - 21 Dec 2018

Security at Resource Guru just levelled up with the release of Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO enables people to sign into multiple applications using just one set of login credentials. It’s always been a frequently requested feature on our roadmap but it was accelerated via a sponsorship from Dept – an agency reinventing digital. We’re incrediblyRead more …

Improved order for time-specific bookings

By - 23 Jan 2016

While we’re working on bigger features, we’re always looking for little ways to improve Resource Guru. Thanks to some customer feedback, we’ve just tweaked the order of time-specific bookings in the Schedule. All single day bookings are now listed in chronological order – the way they should be :) The only exception to this isRead more …

New, fairer pricing is live!

By - 27 Oct 2015

We launched Resource Guru around 3.5 years ago with pricing that hasn’t changed since. Until now, that is. What’s changed? When we first designed Resource Guru, we were heavily inspired by Basecamp, one of the great pioneers of the SaaS (software as a service) industry. Much like their current model, their pricing was based onRead more …

Webhooks are here! Enabling great new integrations :)

By - 13 Feb 2015

Back in October 2014, we quietly launched webhooks in our public API. At the time, they were in beta but they’re now battle hardened and ready for business. And we’ve just given them a shiny new interface too—making them visible and easy to manage. At this point, you may be asking yourself, what the heckRead more …

A DIY integration between Resource Guru and Slack, via Zapier

By - 13 Feb 2015

12th March 2015 update: we just improved webhooks to make this integration even better Resource Guru’s webhooks just got a shiny new interface and became a whole lot easier to use. This gives us a great platform to work on a series of official integrations with other apps in the future. In the meantime, IRead more …

New reports! Say hello to customization and file downloads

By - 22 Oct 2014

Need to run a utilization report on just one department? Or on one location? Well, we have just added powerful filters to the reports that help you focus on specific groups of resources. Just like in the bookings section, the filters are automatically created from any custom fields you have in your settings. In our account, forRead more …

The Guru has a new apprentice

By - 12 Jun 2014

I have a new outfit for when I'm capacity planning at work. @resourceguruapp — Emily. Not Martha. (@Martha_B_Rosen) June 11, 2014