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Perfect project handover documents in 4 easy steps

By - 04 Nov 2015

Following a two week vacation in August, I returned to find a colleague’s message thanking me for my “amazing handover notes.” But I’ll be honest—my handover notes haven’t always received such a warm reception. Handover documents detail the essential information someone would need in order to cover your key responsibilities during a variety of situations,Read more …

Team Management: Simple steps to unleash your team’s full potential

By - 02 Jul 2015

It’s the PM/Scrum master’s dream: a high functioning, self-organizing, motivated, and fulfilled team combined with an engaged, available, and decisive product owner (aka “client”). This magic combination doesn’t come about by itself—it takes hard work, clear communication, and setting firm foundations. Do your team and product owner know what’s expected of them, what their contributionRead more …

Project management secrets that drive project success

By - 27 May 2015

Starting a new project can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. It might feel like you’re drowning in a sea of documentation one minute, then the next you’re encountering project drought in a wasteland of unclear deliverables and erratic input from the client. Here are some tools and activities I use across my projectsRead more …