A new colour palette and bringing back booking bars

By - 01 Feb 2019


Spot the Hirst!

We hope you like the new colour palette that we’ve introduced. If you haven’t already, take a look at Schedule beta where you can enjoy seeing your bookings in their full unsaturated glory 🎨☀️


So in case you’ve missed it, the changes/enhancements for this week were:

  • The absence of bookings bars in Schedule beta was sorely missed so we’ve re-introduced them 😍
  • The start of a week is more clearly distinguished with a darker border
  • Days with bookings on the waiting list are now highlighted so you can’t miss them
  • We removed the noisy dotted lines for segments of a booking on a non-working day as you can now clearly see how much time each day a booking is consuming by the booking bars
  • We also fixed few minor UI bugs in the beta

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