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Quality of life improvements to event creation and bug fixes

By Stefano - 18 Apr 2019

The effort to remove the suffix “beta” from the new schedule continues and a number of issues have been fixed in the last couple of weeks while also adding a few quality-of-life improvements to the booking creation flow. In other news the improved search algorithm, announced in the last update, has been applied to allRead more …

How to work maternity leave into your long-term projects

By - 15 Apr 2019

Project management is largely about time management. As a project manager, you’re an expert at systematizing time. You have the ability to assess the scope, set milestones, plan the timeline, assign the deliverables, and delegate your company’s people with resource and project management tools. But project managers aren’t in control of everything; there are alwaysRead more …

Is employee turnover quietly killing your business?

By - 09 Apr 2019

Employee turnover is an expensive problem plaguing modern workplaces – can a cure be found? There’s a growing tension between employees and employers. At first glance, both parties have the common goals of creating fulfilling workplaces, fit for purpose, in an increasingly stressful and demanding world. But something just isn’t working. Employees report feeling dissatisfiedRead more …