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Out with ye olde, in with the shiny new!

By - 17 Nov 2017

Sometimes it’s just easier to consign that old jalopy to the scrapyard and start anew. That’s exactly what we decided when we took a stab at fixing a long-standing feature (heh!) – our client/project selector in the Schedule. It had frustrated many a user in the past. When we first implemented the New Booking popover, it madeRead more …

I ain’t afraid of no ghost

By - 03 Nov 2017

So, how was your trick-or-treating? While not busy eating bite-sized chocolate treats, we’ve been hunting ghosts in our server logs. Peekaboo! We’re happy to report that ghosts don’t exist, but we’re still not sure what happened to the lonely orphaned row we found hiding in one of the tables. You’ll be glad to hear we’veRead more …