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How to refocus your team and improve team performance

By - 21 Aug 2015

Project fatigue, disillusionment, apathy, procrastination—whatever the reason behind it, dips and drops in your team’s motivation can be gut-wrenching with deadlines looming ahead.  Fluctuations can and do happen during projects, but the catalysts are easy to spot—even if you think your team has hit the point of no return, it’s never too late to refocus andRead more …

Inside the Guru Crew: Interview with David Turnbull

By - 06 Aug 2015

We imported our marketing manager David Turnbull from a faraway land, involving many more planes, trains, and unladend swallows than the rest of our team put together. David is our maestro of analytics—handling growth, marketing, and the testing of European coffee shops for Team Guru. He also ensures all rugby discussions conclude with the superiorityRead more …