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The Zen PM – The power plan for turning chaos into calm

By - 25 Mar 2015

Good project managers secretly thrive off annoyances. That may be a head scratcher, but handle your frustrations a certain way, and they can be turned into victories. In the midst of myriad issues, PMs are required to be diplomatic, patient, and friendly, all while organizing, motivating, scheduling, and communicating with numerous personality types on differentRead more …

DIY email notifications from Resource Guru via Zapier

By - 17 Mar 2015

In a previous post, Andrew explained how you can use the power of Resource Guru’s webhooks in combination with Zapier to create your own DIY integration between Resource Guru and Slack. Now, I am going to show you how you can use Zapier to easily create your own custom email notification system. Email Notifications OneRead more …