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What color is resource allocation software?

By - 11 Jan 2012

A lot has been written about color theory and it’s a pretty complex subject which uses lots of difficult words like, gamuts, trichromacy, additive, subtractive, complimentary, primary, secondary, tertiary, saturation, hue, shade, warm, cool… the list goes on. A fair amount has been written about meaning in colour too e.g. red stands for action, confidence,Read more …

When Apple had resource scheduling software

By - 07 Jan 2012

There’s something slightly creepy about this video from Apple – a demo of the Apple Lisa from 1983. But it shows how, even then, there was a need for a resource scheduling tool.   The Lisa came with 7 software programs including one called LisaProject. It was the first graphical project management software. ItRead more …